Since Dec 2010

Dionne Scott,CGEI

Living The Dream

From My Heart to Yours...Thank You!

Love the new songs! Your class always cheers me up, thank you very much!  Anna Maria Alessi

Dear Zumba: You have been a faithful friend this past six months and I thank you for rewarding me with taking my 15.4 lbs and a spare tire. First milestone success!!! Of course 50% of the credit goes to my Charismatic Goddness Leader Dionne Scott for motivating me and making it fun and to my Lovely Loyal L Lucy Amenta for inspiring us to try something new. Just do it!!! Lyza Lyon

Zumba Class, it's FUN  & EXCITING, not to mention that the instructor DIONNE is GREAT ! ! ! Jackie Clemons

Dionne, You are my fitspiration and your positive energy is infectious, It is such a joy and pleasure to have you in my world :)  Samyah Fowler

Dionne's classes are great! We have so much fun we hardly notice we're exercising. It's a   fun way to stay in shape. Donna Smith

Dionne Scott- thank you, your classes are one of my reasons why I've been so determined to loose the weight. If I really didn't enjoy your class and had nothing to look forward to I wouldn't be as active as I am. Because of you I am heading in the right direction. Starr Pitt